Making Of Poofy Doo's
On July 3, 2007 we became owners of the building
that would later on be named Poofy Doo's. It had 3
rooms, little kitchen, tiny restroom, cubby dividers
and a printing press from the 1900's.
Soon, we began ripping the walls to the
rooms and kitchen down. Saving what we
could along the way for later use.  
The ceiling was sagging by 5.5in in the
middle. So we jacked it up 5in before the
ceiling started popping. Then we put up two
40ft braces to help support the ceiling.
The ceiling had the original metal tiles
from when the building was first built
and we wanted to keep them. So one by
one we took bad ones down and put
better ones up. We had to wire brushes
them and work the dings out of them.
Then we spray painted it white.
After doing all the other work we could we had to come up with a way to
move the printing press without breaking the wood floors. They took it out
the back doors with a quarter inch clearance on each side. Then used a
forklift to move it to the trailer so it could be taken to it's new home.
After the ceiling was finished we
started framing the two back
rooms and 6 half walls.
Soon after framing we started
sheet-rocking. We used 100
sheets and only messed 1 up
but we still able to use it!!!
After sheet-rocking the back
wall, we sprayed painted the
side walls and back wall white.
39 Gallons of white paint!!!!
Bring On The Colors!!!!
While my Dad painted the strips
on the back wall. My Mom and I
sheet rocked the half walls.
Getting ready to texture the half
walls and walls of the two back
rooms and restroom.
Everything is textured and
painted. Time to move the work
stuff out!!!!
My Dad sanded the floors while my
mom and I took turns vacuuming the
every seam in the floor after being
Two coats of clear shine and 50 plus
year old floors look new again.
After the floors were done. We put
the wood tops to the half walls on
and stained them to match the floor.

Then started the fun part of
trimming everything out in pink trim.
I ordered the glitter Poofy Doo's letters when we first started
to work on the building. After everything was painted and
trimmed out it was time to hang them. That put the icing on
the cake for me. It became real for me.  
Poofy Doo's outside sign was
hung and lights were fixed. Almost
ready to open now.
Everything is done! Move out all the
work stuff and bring in the new and
fun stuff!!!
Fri night March 7 2009 everything is finished and
ready for the opening day!
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